Introducing to Australia, LILA® Exogen®

The World’s Leading Wearable Resistance Technology

High Compression Exoskeleton with Fusiform Loads

High Compression Exoskeleton with Fusiform Loads

Easy and Convenient Packing and Travel

Easy and Convenient Packing and Travel

High Compression Exoskeleton with Fusiform Loads

High Compression Exoskeleton with Fusiform Loads

Lila Exogen High Performance Exoskeleton - Improve The Way You Move

LILA® Exogen® is a unique range of anatomic specific high performance compression exoskeletons with combined light fusiform© loads.

Designed & developed by sport scientists using high performance research and patented material technologies, giving athletes the armamentarium to maximise sport specific training.

LILA® Exogen® Wearable Resistance is the only sport performance product that enables you to take your performance or your athletes performance to new levels.

Targeting the athlete sport specific movements - on field, in performance

With its compression base and its ability to progressively apply anatomical engineered weights anywhere on the body, LILA® Exogen® is able to transfer athlete loaded resistance training to improve unloaded sport specific movement performance.

Don’t change what you do, change what you wear.


Wearable Resistance = Sport Training Specificity without Compromising Technique

Specificity of velocity and movement pattern training are fundamental components of an athlete’s prescribed exercise program that can affect sporting performance.

Resisted sprint training provides a movement-specific overload to sprinting.

Resisted sprint training provides sports specificity for neuromuscular adaptation to enhance velocity during the acceleration phase of sprinting.

LILA® Exogen® gives you the tools to apply sport specific resistance without compromising athlete technique.


Wearable Resistance to Enable Development of Athlete Injury Resistance

Gabbett's training-injury prevention paradox states that excessive, rapid increases in load heighten the risk of injury, whereas chronic exposure to higher loads augments the physical capacities of the athlete making them more resilient to injury while also enhancing performance.

Professional sport is big business - getting more from your player roster through greater physical outputs and resilience in competition - maximise player playing time & minimise the likelihood of injury.

Incorporating LILA® Exogen® into your pre-season and in-season training periodised plan with the objective to increase player chronic loading, raising your athlete’s loading threshold to better tolerate acute in-game increases in load.


Wearable Resistance to Maximise Efficiency of Training

  • Optimising transference, no wasted gym time for minimal transference to sport specific activity
  • In season conditioning - wearable resistance to maintain & train speed, strength, stamina, change of direction movements
  • LILA® Exogen® when combined with our game changing LVRT™ (Light Variable Resistance Training) gives you and your athletes the leading edge in sport specific training and recovery to achieve unparalleled performance benefits.

In order to be the best you need to work with the best and LILA® Exogen® has a research partnership with Auckland University of Technology and the Sport Research Institute of New Zealand SPRINZ through Professor  of Strength & conditioning, Dr John Cronin to best understand the kinematic & kinetic variables of wearable resistance training.

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New Zealand Sprinter Using Lila Exogen Suit

Sports Performance Research Institute AUT University

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