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Dr John Cronin: First principle Physics - SimpliFaster

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Lila Exogen Wearable resistance garments athlete demo in action

Most of us are very interested in increasing the force capability of our athletes, as we intuitively and mechanistically understand that the amount of force an athlete can produce per unit time (impulse), coupled with the correct force orientation, is a major determinant of how fast they move. 

Therefore, improving force capability is a focus of some of our training.  

If we want to develop force capability in an athlete, we typically place large external loads (mass = kilograms) on a bar, which requires large internal muscular forces to overcome or lift. But guess what? When we use that approach, the subsequent movement velocities and accelerations are small/low/slow. 

There are two methods to overload the muscular system to produce force, by either adding mass to the bar or limb or moving that bar or limb quickly. 

These are two really important loading concepts to understand if you want to optimize WR overloading. 

As soon as we add mass to a limb, force output increases as long as the associated movement velocities and accelerations don’t decrease. 

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