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Lila- Exogen Rotational Inertia and Limb Loading

Instead of inertia, rotational inertia is what we are really interested in when talking about limb-loaded WR, and it is a biggie to understand for you to overload with WR safely and effectively. 

The formula for rotational inertia is I = mr2, where I = rotational inertia, m = mass, and, r = distance from axis of rotation. 

Let’s take the thigh as an example: We know the thigh has mass and therefore requires rotational force (torque) to move it. The larger the thigh mass, the more muscular effort required by the hip flexors and extensors.

Adding more WR to the thigh, we increase the rotational inertia of the thigh, which means more muscular effort or turning forces/torques are required.  

The future of fast is light, as wearable resistance uses micro-loading to provide sprint-specific resistance training as part of your sprint training, not separate from it. 

As such, any strength gains are more likely to transfer to sprint performance than other more traditional resistance strength training methods.

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