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Carter Jackson 3rd Place Ironman 70.3 Shanghai 2019

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Carter Jackson 3rd Place Ironman Shanghai

Kinetic Sport Science would like to belatedly congratulate Carter on finishing 3rd in his age group 45-49 yrs, 58th overall & qualifying for Kona 2020.


Carter is a LiLa Exogen shorts user & in his run preparation for Shanghai 70.3, loaded 200 grams each Quad & each Hamstring placing his loads distal & tear drop down. Total additional running load 800 grams.


Having to deal with a niggling hip injury Carter used LiLa Exogen to improve training efficiency using this unique wearable resistance training tool that enables runners to train with additional load targeting rotational forces at the hip joint to build speed endurance without compromising running technique.


Introducing wearable loads that feel a part of your running allows athletes to increase their training intensity & train for higher lactate tolerance & metabolism.


Carter ran one of his best run times & noted he felt stronger particularly through his gait after training prep with loaded wearable resistance, a technology enabling hypergravity training introduced by Dr Carmelo Bosco in the 1980's.


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