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Paul McDonald - 80kg runner with LiLa Exogen Calf Sleeves - 25 seconds faster per km

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Paul McDonald Lila Exogen Calf Sleeves


Training with Lila Exogen calves sleeves

Paul is a running & fitness enthusiast & a Kinetic Sport Science LiLa Exogen Calf Sleeve user.


Paul achieved one off his training goals to run sub 4 minute kms over 10-15 kms.


Training with his Calf Sleeves loaded 200gm each leg for 3 weeks then increasing the load on each leg to 2*200gm over 3 months gave Paul the training advantage to achieve his running goal.


Paul trained loaded 3 runnings days consecutively then unloaded on the 4th day as a speed day, then repeat.

Calf sleeves were used as a recovery tool post exercise - unloaded for 2 hours as it is a compression garment so helps with venous return.

Results: 4.20 mins/km improve to 3.55 min/km over 10-15km unloaded 


Forearm sleeves were also used loaded 200 grams close to the elbow joint to improve upper body mechanics keeping Paul's elbows down & into 'the groove'.


The LiLa Exogen Forearm Sleeves improved arm movement efficiency & stopped an old running technique habit of pumping arm action.


Paul noted that LiLa Exogen "doesn't shift around when you run so no chafing & it feels good on with significant training benefits".


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