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Steve 'Beaver' Menzies & Jeff Morrison - A Body of Work Brookvale, Sydney

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Steve 'Beaver' Menzies & Jeff Morrison - A Body of Work

Steve ‘Beaver' Menzies @stevemenzies11 on Jeff Morrison’s - A Body of Work @abodyofworksydney Zebris Rehawalk HP/Cosmos Instrumented Treadmill, force plate sensors with motion capture, Institute of Sport Movement Data Analysis and a sophisticated Rehabilitation System.


Beaver, showing why he was one of Rugby Leagues most athletic players, wearing Exogen Calf Sleeves with 2* 200 grams loaded back of each Calf/Posterior working on increasing cadence, step frequency by slightly overloading & engaging glutes and hamstrings. 


Jeff has a global approach to restoring and maintaining movement and functionality based on a multi-focal assessment of you and your needs with a treatment plan to match.

Steve ‘Beaver' Menzies on Jeff Morrison’s - A Body of Work


For more information on Exogen & the improved performance results we are seeing please visit kineticsportscience.com


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