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Wearable Resistance to Maximise Efficiency of Training

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Lila Exogen Wearable Resistance

Wearable Resistance to Maximise Efficiency of Training

  • Optimising transference, no wasted gym time for minimal transference to sport specific activity
  • In season conditioning - wearable resistance to maintain & train speed, strength, stamina, change of direction movements
  • LILA® Exogen® when combined with our game changing LVRT™ (Light Variable Resistance Training) gives you and your athletes the leading edge in sport specific training and recovery to achieve unparalleled performance benefits.

In order to be the best you need to work with the best and LILA® Exogen® has a research partnership with Auckland University of Technology and the Sport Research Institute of New Zealand SPRINZ through Professor  of Strength & conditioning, Dr John Cronin to best understand the kinematic & kinetic variables of wearable resistance training.

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