High Performance Skeleton Suits - Improve The Way You Move

What is an Exoskeleton?

An Exoskeleton is a range of anatomic specific high compression garments that allow the user to place Fusiform loads in combinations of 50, 100, 200 or 300 gram loads onto the compression garment to give you a durable, mobile and form fitting training tool enabling an increase loaded resistance, increasing your % body weight (%BW) delivering functional benefits;

  • Performance enhancement
  • Compression benefits & support
  • Proprioception / sensory feedback
  • Thermoregulation (cooling and heating)

Exoskeleton Technology - By Athletes, for Athletes

EXOGEN™ technology has been developed since June 2004 when the idea was first conceptualized and our first hand-made exoskeleton prototypes were tested on elite athletes bound for the Athen’s Olympic Games.

Since that time we have spent years developing the technology needed to make this unique high-performance product functional, meeting the demands of today’s high performance individuals.

Our innovation goes beyond new product development. 

LILA Exogen offers you patent pending technology innovations in our design, materials and function, when combined with our game-changing Light Variable Resistance Training LVRT™ method giving un-paralleled performance benefit

Exoskeleton Suit

Exogen High Performance Exoskeleton Sports Performance Benefits:

EXOGEN™’s (patent pending) technology unique features with the following benefits;

Enhanced Performance

  • Movement specific functional strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Technique
  • Muscular aerobic endurance
  • Muscle potentiation
  • Kilojoule/Calorie burning by increasing muscle mass
  • Weight/Fat loss through increasing lean muscle mass which increases resting metabolic rate

Sensory Feedback

  • Enhanced movement awareness
  • Skill & technique development
  • Enhanced proprioception

Protection & Support

  • Light impact & abrasion protection
  • Lumbar posture support
  • Gluteal posture support
  • Compression support


  • Wicking mesh to improve garment breathability
  • Improved body circulation & metabolic management with compression benefits
  • Optimised evaporative cooling through tested garment design heat & sweat management 

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