LOADING is the process of adding resistance via our FUSIFORM LOADS™ to your exoskeleton

Exogen Loading Guidelines

LOADING is the process of adding resistance via our FUSIFORM LOADS™ to your exoskeleton.

To load safely with the greatest benefits please read and follow all our LOADING GUIDELINES.

General Loading Guidelines

1. Before LOADING please read the full USER GUIDE. 

2. LOAD weights are approximates with the following ranges: 

 a. 50 grams (+/- 5 grams) 
 b. 100 gram (+/-10 grams) 

 c. 200 grams (+/- 20 grams) 

 3. LOADS can be placed anywhere in any orientation where the velcro backing can be fully attached to the EXOPRENE™ plush material. Be sure the entire VELCRO backing of the LOAD is fully attached by firmly pressing down all parts.


Exogen Loads to Velcro on Exoprene


4. LOADS can be attached to your exoskeleton either before or after you put it on.

5. Any LOAD can be used with any EXOGEN™ piece. However, we recommend;

a.      100 & 200 gram LOADS for the TOP, SHORTS & CALF sleeves

b.      50 & 100 gram LOADS for ARM sleeves

6. Avoid placing LOADs directly over your joints as this may restrict movement.

7. To UNLOAD SIMPLY grip the lip of the narrow end and peel it back off the EXOGEN™.


Remove Loads to Velcro Exoprene


8. EXOGEN™ can be used during any activity, training or competition (pending laws for your sport) including outdoor and water environments (please read WATER LOADING GUIDELINES).

9. To reduce movement and slipping of EXOGEN™ when LOADED, especially at high speeds, secure the compression straps at optimal high tension prior to loading.

10. If EXOGEN™ does slip or move excessively during training either tighten your straps or reduce the LOAD.


Exogen Load and Velcro adjustments


Safe Loading Guidelines

1. Always use good judgement when exercising with or without resistance.

2. If you are beginning a new exercise program, are over 40 or have been in-active for an extended time we recommend you get medical clearance before starting

3. Loading with EXOGEN™ is safe and our LOADS have been designed and tested to stay in place during activity even during fast movements and light contact situations.

4. However, there is always a possibility that a LOAD may dislodge or detach especially at higher speeds or in contact situations causing damage or injury to yourself or others nearby. To reduce the potential risk of damage or injury that could result from a LOAD dislodging please ensure;

a. You read and follow all GENERAL and SAFE LOADING GUIDELINES.

b. You use extra-caution and test and progress LOADING from slow to faster speeds especially during the following high-risk activities;

  • Punching, kicking or striking against pads, bags, dummies, with or without opponent.
  • Stroking and swinging with an implement like a racquet, club, bat or stick.
  • Throwing, passing or kicking a ball or other projectile
  • Any explosive movements (sprints, jumps, agility, gymnastics) that result in rapid change of direction causing quick acceleration and deceleration of the limb and LOAD.
  • Any of the above activities in close proximity to others. Be sure those nearby know you are LOADED.

5. LOADING will also increase collision force during potential contact activities such as martial arts, combat sports, team, field or court sports. To reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others please ensure;

a. Those around you are aware you are wearing LOADED EXOGEN™.

b. You test first with light loading at slow and controlled speeds

c. Everyone involved is wearing the appropriate protective gear

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