Exogen Key Performance Features

1. User-Defined Movement training©

Traditional resistance training equipment forces the user into equipment-defined movement where they must adapt their technique to fit the equipment. 

This can potentially negatively affect technique and doesn’t replicate sport specific performance which is a complex series of multi-joint, multi-directional movements in a highly dynamic load environment.


Lila Exogen Skeleton Kicking Movement
Lila Exogen Skeleton Punching Movement


EXOGEN™ provides the solution for high performance specific resistance training by offering 100% user-defined movement training.

When loaded you have complete control over the speed and accelerated movement patterns while resistance is applied, helping to ensure resistance training physiological transfer, maximising sport specific performance through optimal transference to sport specific activities.

Several key technological innovations make this possible;

2. Light Variable Resistance Training (LVRT)™

For today’s athlete speed is everything.

Coaches are already aware of the phenomenon called the “10% dilemma.”

The observation that during specific resistance training when the external load reaches about 10% of bodyweight or maximum weight for a given movement, the movement skill or technique may be negatively affected.

EXOGEN™ and Light Variable Resistance Training™ our trade-marked training system was developed specifically to counteract this effect.

We define LVRT™ as “movement specific, progressive resistance training using less than 10% of additional body weight.”

LVRT at 10% or less allows the user to perform resistance training using competition specific speed and movements without the negative impacts that can occur when using heavier loads and awkward equipment.

Starting with loads at 50 grams and offering incremental increases in loads up to 100, 200 & 300 grams no other product can provide this level of specificity to enhance specific speed, power, agility, endurance and skill.


3. Internal Mechanical Loading (IML)©

Internal Mechanical Loading© defines the very unique proprioceptive experience when combining LVRT™ with our compression-based, EXOGEN™ and Fusiform Loads™.

This system blends and disperses resistance over the entire body or body part removing loaded focal points that traditional resistance equipment do.

With internal-loading the user does not perceive the load as external but rather as inside or as part of their body.

This is in contrast to traditional training equipment where the user is very aware they are using external equipment.

Large external loads that the user is very aware of stimulate proprioceptors to automatically trigger protective mechanisms that will change the movement profile to help reduce the risk of injury.

This often results in restrictions on movement that are often counterproductive to targeted training movements.


Exogen Internal Mechanical Loading

Exogen flexible movements


With its compression base and its ability to progressively apply light anatomical weights almost anywhere on the body, EXOGEN™’s ability to transfer resistance training to actual human performance is immediate and unique.

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