Product Detail

Sleeveless Compression Top

Price:   $450.00   

Our SLEEVELESS TOP is the core of our EXOGEN line. 

Cool, light, breathable and engineered with environment friendly textiles it offers unparalleled freedom of movement though the abdominal and shoulder regions during light resistance loading for the core, lower back and trunk for virtually all sport in any environment.  

The design is 100% unisex with size range from XXS – to – XXXL.

Load placement and orientation are user determined and may differ from the photo

Created over 12 years every aspect of the SLEEVELESS TOP is inspired by human movement offering industry leading innovation in function and technical design including our patent-pending Postural-Support Straps© which offer up design including our patent-pending Postural-Support Straps© which offer up to 20% functional lumbar and low-back support during sport movement. 


Key features and benefits include:  

Light Variable Resistance© training of the core abdominal, trunk, scapula & spine muscles for;  

  • Increased cardio-endurance intensity for triathlon, duathlon 
  • Improved running posture and rotational control 
  • Bodyweight based conditioning (tactical training, obstacle racing) 
  • Sport specific loading (martial arts, team/contact sports, posture/artistic sports)  
  • Functional low back conditioning  
  • Agility and lateral movement 
  • Cross Fitness 
  • Bootcamp and weight loss 

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