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About Kinetic Sport Science

Wearable Resistance
Fusiform Loads

Exogen is a unique range of Wearable Resistance (WR) body fitting compression garments, Shorts, Sleeveless Top, Forearm, Upper Arm, Calf – Sleeves with low profile moulded velcro weights in 100, 200 or 300 grams that are able to attach and detach wherever you like on the garment.

Designed and developed by sport scientists using high performance research so you maximise exercise training and give you the most sport specific resistance training tool for any sports or exercise person.

WR = Sport training specificity without compromising athlete’s movement technique 

WR = Maximise training efficiency 

WR = Improve posture or correct movement technique

WR = Warm up to activate exercise potentiation

WR = Enables high performance managers & coaches to build & develop athlete Injury Resistance

WR = Rehab or Prehab – return to work or play

With its compression base and its ability for you to progressively apply anatomical engineered weights anywhere on the body, Wearable Resistance is able to transfer exercise loaded resistance training to improve unloaded sport specific movement performance.